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Interior Health Authority

Interior Health is a health authority located in British Columbia’s Southern Interior. Interior Health delivers healthcare services across the continuum of care and emphasizes innovation in primary care. The team at Interior Health directly supports physicians in their office practices. Among their top priorities is to help clinicians thrive as health care professionals through delivering information technology solutions and assist them to implement the technology.

With its clinical results distribution solution, Interior Health is improving the continuity of care through the secure and timely electronic exchange of patient information across the region. The solution assists physicians and other care providers to make timely treatment decisions in the most clinically appropriate manner, ultimately leading to faster and safer care for a patient. The solution is directly applied to the clinician’s existing electronic medical record.

A doctor can now view the results of a diagnostic test on their computer screen with the  patient at their side. Further, the doctor is able to quickly view trends in the results rather than flipping back and forth through a paper chart attempting to process the results on the fly during the visit.  Thus the doctor has more instant and complete information and is able to spend more one on one time with the patient.

Solution: Physician Office Integration
Developer: Interior Health Authority