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James B

Saskatoon, SK – In the practice of health care, communicating with patients and families is one of the cornerstones for any physician.  Since the acquisition of an EMR in our office this day to day activity has become that much easier and more effective in that wherever our patients are so too is their information. Our specific health region is largely paper based in its data management so our electronic model stands out in its efficiency and accessibility.  We are often able to access valuable and vital information in the hospital system that helps in diagnosis and management long before it is available to the in-hospital team.  This is commonly a laboratory value or a vital piece of medical history such as a medication allergy documented outside our health region but known to us from a previous patient encounter and documented in our EMR. The current environment of medical care is a system that sees state of the art data acquisition blend with old school style of caring and communication.  The former complements the latter in that one is able to speak to people about their care as soon as information is available, something that is now the expectation of patients in all aspects of their lives, news, financial or otherwise. Health care is no exception. Truly when the stakes are this high, it is where our local, provincial and national focus should be, to allow for seamless access to patient information from coast to coast to coast. Our patients deserve no less.