Jennifer G

Ottawa, ON – Many people on the Epic EHR team at CHEO came from other roles within the hospital – physicians, nurses, health professionals, and IT specialists.  My background is a different one.  I specialized in Health Informatics and I came to CHEO specifically to work in my field.  What I love about my role in the Epic EHR project is the breadth and scope.  There are always new piece to the puzzle – this week it is a new workflow for referrals and next week it is how physicians bill for their work.  Each day poses a new challenge and it is exciting to be a part of developing a comprehensive solution to resolve it. I’ve worked most closely with physicians in my HeaIth Informatics career, and I love that my role on the CHEO Physician Engagement and Support Team allows me to focus on the needs of this key stakeholder. Health Informatics is a niche field and knowing that CHEO values what I bring to the team and supports my work and research has inspired me to pursue my Masters in Healthcare Quality this fall.   Being part of a project like the CHEO Epic EHR implementation is exactly what I hoped for when I started my career.  After being part of this hospital-wide project like this one, I feel like the world is my oyster.  Not many organizations can do it and I am proud to be a part of the process.