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Jessica B.

Dartmouth, NS – Health Information Technology has made it easier to care for my 4 year old son and I and has given me a way to keep track of vaccinations, appointments, medications, health issues etc in one simple portal. My favorite part of being able to communicate online with my doctor is that it allows me to request refills, prescriptions and ask non-emergency medical questions that pertain to myself and my son online with a very quick response time (my doctor usually gets back to me same day) I find it convenient to be able to communicate with my doctor online so embarrassing questions and concerns are not as awkward as they normally would be face to face.  I love that I can keep track of my weight,  health issues and upcoming refills and also stay informed of changes pertaining to my services, doctors hours and also changes in the medical world. This morning I requested a doctors appointment online instead of having to take time out to call and wait for a receptionist- I was able to request an appointment from my smart phone. I was the first person in my doctors office to sign up for the pilot project, being connected online gives me peace of mind and proves my doctor is growing and staying up to date with today’s technology and medical practices which gives me great trust in him.