John S

Toronto, ON – Federal and provincial investments in digital health have made a tremendously positive impact on my career development as a Medical Informatics Director at the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH) in Toronto. For example, the Infoway Standards Collaborative has wonderful SNOMED CT course which I took.  It gave me knowledge that other  colleagues did not have — as a result I was able to advocate strongly and successfully for including SNOMED CT in our hospital’s information system.  Since taking the course, CAMH colleagues now understand me as having expertise in standards and being a proponent of better data quality.    Additionally, superlative effects on my career have occurred as a result of large regional projects such as Connecting GTA (cGTA) and the GTA West PACS DI Repository. Activity in publicly supported health IT has expanded my role from internal to regional efforts.  As a member of the cGTA Clinical Working Group and Clinical Solutions Team, I responded to questions from our medical staff and executive leadership about progress in regional projects.  Our leadership had some initial concerns about privacy and mental health information given our participation in cGTA.  For my part, I was able to inform them about the exemplary work of the cGTA Privacy and Security Working Group (PSWG).  Connecting GTA sent representatives, including PSWG staff, to join me in relieving their concerns.  I am grateful that taxpayer dollars have educated me and helped me grow in my capacity as a leader in ways that would not otherwise be possible.