Jonathan J

Toronto, ON – I worked on the MyChart project at Sunnybrook Hospital. MyChart is a PHR (Personal Health Record) system that was designed and developed in house at Sunnybrook. PHRs enable patients to contribute information to their health records at any time. Standard health records are maintained and updated by health care providers – PHRs complement standard records with health information supplied by the patient, usually on an ongoing basis. Think of a person with diabetes logging their blood sugar levels, or a patient logging their blood pressure or weight over time. Healthcare professionals have access to this information securely online and get a much more holistic picture of the patient’s health.  Working on MyChart showed me what an empowering force technology can be and it had a huge impact on focusing my carrer around tech. I saw patients and healthcare professionals working together to make extremely informed discussions with much more data available than usual. Patients were given a stronger voice and could easily invest in their quality of care by simply going online. It was inspiring to be a part of that project and it helped shape my technology career towards helping people work together online.