Jonathan L

Montreal, QC – Two years ago I enrolled in the Idea Challenge with an idea to use iPads as a way to inform and empower diabetes patients. This idea came from a deep desire to use my experience in Information Technology (IT) Engineering to help patients. The idea made it to the top 5which really took me by surprise and confirmed that there was an interest for that kind project. It wasn’t just all in my head. I set off to pursue my dream of making a difference in the life of patient the following fall and enrolled as a master student in Healthcare Administration to get better knowledge of the healthcare field. The courses and experience gave me an inside view at the healthcare world. The prize money from the Idea Challenge was crucial in making that decision as it helped to pay the bills. I then entered the Hacking Health competition in Montreal where three talented persons joined me to win the “Solution voted best by it’s peers”. The mentors provided precious insights about how to succeed in launching a patient targeted app.  After that, a professor proposed me a project using iPads in cancer care coordination. The project was in France… I couldn’t say no to that experience and to having a research team. There I am now, still pursuing the dream to use IT to make a difference for the patients. I definitely wouldn’t be there without the prize money from the Idea Challenge. Who knows what awaits!