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Kartini M

Toronto, ON – With the right assimilation of digital health technologies I believe an essential transformation occurs that not only empowers healthcare administrators to improve the quality and safety of healthcare delivery but also empowers patients to actively participate in their health. Working both as Registered ER Nurse at North York General and as a Graduate Research Student at The Centre for Global eHealth Innovation has allowed me to understand the impact that digital health technologies have on healthcare organizations as well as appreciate the impact they have on the individual patient experience.  Thanks to the current mobile market expansion, sensor technology advancements and increasing availability of healthcare applications, I now have a greater opportunity to advocate and empower patients to actively manage and participate in their health.  This recognition and appreciation for digital health along with my deep commitment to improving the delivery of healthcare services has impacted my career in that it has led me to pursue a Masters degree in Health Informatics at the University of Toronto. I am hoping to combine the knowledge, skills and competencies I have developed with my current understanding of clinical processes and workflows to contribute to transforming healthcare through digital patient engagement solutions and work with healthcare organizations to enhance the patient experience through effective use of technology.