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Katherine T

Toronto, ON – Public investments in digital health have had a huge impact on my career. I began my communications career in the financial services industry, liked the job security and planned to make it my lifelong career. After a few years, I became bored writing mutual fund sheets and the trying to explain to investors why their investments fluctuate. I was looking for a change and reconnected with a colleague who switched from financial services to working for the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care.  It was 2003 and the ePhysician Project had just started and needed communications support to explain the program to Ontario family physicians. The project was a public investment by the Ontario government whose goal was to get 3,000 physicians to adopt electronic medical records. I quit my job at a major bank and took a contract with the ministry. I soon developed a passion about persuading physicians to move from paper charts to EMRs. It made sense when every other sector was already going electronic. Primary health care was the last bastion of paper. It was easier for physicians to find patient information electronically. EMRs alert physicians about drug interactions and save lives. This was something I could get passionate about!   I’ve been involved in writing communications for physicians to encourage EMR adoption for most of the past ten years and am now targeting late adopters. It has provided me with rewarding, steady work and I feel I’m making a difference for Ontarians.