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Kim B

Bengough, SK – Rural West Primary Health Care Team introduced our EMR in October 2010. We are a team of physicians, home care nurses, facility nurses, dietitians, community pharmacists, physiotherapists, social workers, mental health nurses, occupational therapists, administrative support workers and managers. For the team and our patients the EMR has meant: Safety: Patients are safer now with enhanced sharing of information between professionals. Examples include medication reconciliation, allergies, previous diseases and immunizations. Empowerment: Access to information held within the EMR has empowered our various professionals to practice to their full scope with confidence. Efficiency: Real-time communication within a secure environment improves information sharing and patient treatment between multiple providers. Validation: Access to the EMR validates the work we do through sharing of information and collaboration with other professional on our patients. Reports on certain indicators confirm performance. Multidisciplinary: EMR access is allowed to various health professionals, ensuring ongoing patient confidentiality, yet sharing vital data to team members. Collaborative: Patient care is improved by input from multiple professionals and we are able to document collaborations within the patients’ file. Multi-sectorial: All professionals rather than just those within the physician office are able to document care provided. Standardization: Guideline based templates for various conditions ensure patients are being treated appropriately. Evidence Based Care: Chronic Disease Management templates with links to current websites encourage evidence-based care with measurable indicators of standard of care. Accessibility: Complete patient files can be accessed regardless of practice location thus removing barriers that traditionally exist in rural, geographically spread regions.