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Kim C.

Toronto, ON – As a patient in a large clinic and a patient who sees many many specialists, Health IT is a lifesaver and has also allowed me to keep my sanity.  If my doctor is on holidays and I need to see someone else, all my information is there for that other doctor or the nurse practitioner to see and they can be brought up to speed in minutes.   The same when I have to see specialists at different hospitals, they are all on the same network and can access any past tests and my medical history in no time at all.   I found there was nothing worse than having to see so many doctors and then being asked the same questions over and over again ad nauseum.   When I am in sick or in pain, I find this can be very frustrating and I would often get the feeling that no one was bothering to listen to me or that one doctor had no clue what the other was doing.   I felt I was going around in circles and that nothing was being accomplished.   Now I don’t have to worry about this anymore.   Communication is imperative between medical professionals and their patients.   I now feel much more relaxed about my health care.