ImagineNation Lightbulb

Kristin P

Mississauga, ON – ‘How has public investment in digital health had an impact on you professionally?’ This is an interesting question and not one I’d previously thought about. However, when I sat down to review this Challenge, I quickly came up with an answer. My story began when I received an evite to join the Toronto Stroke Network’s Virtual Community of Practice. I became a member of the Toronto/GTA Stroke Best Practice Group for Occupational Therapists (OT). In truth, I had low expectations, and as a result I completely underestimated the impact that joining this virtual community of OT’s would have on my career. Like many, I have a busy job but now I can quickly access a single web page where I can network with fellow stroke-care OT’s, share resources about stroke best practice, and ask questions. I can use what I’ve learned in the group to enhance my position as a stroke expert and mentor my fellow OT co-workers. We have monthly meetings and have collaborated with the co-leaders of the group to complete a poster presentation about our group experience. This poster was recently presented at a national OT conference and will be presented at upcoming stroke care conferences. However, the biggest benefit to my career is that I have renewed energy and passion for my job. This sense of renewal coupled with increased knowledge and a sense of support makes me a better OT, which ultimately has a positive impact on how I care for my patients. Thank you.