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Logan K.

Calgary, AB – Health IT was never something I had given much thought to as a patient, until I realized one day how dramatically a great health IT system could ensure my safety and the quality of my healthcare.

I was referred to a cardiologist for some tests a couple years ago. In the reception area, I filled out the forms regarding my medical history to the best of my ability. I had long forgotten that a metallic clip had been placed near my heart as an infant.

As my cardiologist stepped into the exam room, he listened to me tell my medical history, but then he added “The X-rays you had in February showed a metallic clip. What was that for?”

My own memory failed, but thankfully Canada’s health information technology system succeeded. My cardiologist had access to the information needed to treat me safely and effectively. If such a clip had not been detected, it could have affected the quality of an MRI image, or potentially even impacted my safety when undergoing that test.

After that, I certainly reflect more on how Canada’s health information technology system is something I am very grateful for.