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Equinoxe Virtual Clinic: e-Visits

The Equinoxe team provides patients with one-on-one, secure physician e-consultations enabling patients with mobility issues, residents in remote or underserved communities, and patients in resource-limited clinical settings, to access quality care from a distance.

The clinic promotes continuity of care by enabling practitioners to see patients remotely, connecting patients to an appropriate general practitioner, increasing accessibility to mental health services, and improving the efficacy of in-home care for remote, chronically ill and palliative patients.

The clinic’s web portal solution allows any patient with access to an internet-connected computer or mobile device to receive secure e-visits with a physician from wherever they may be. The service incorporates appointment scheduling and confirmation, medication reminders, remote monitoring of vital signs, and connects patients with the appropriate options for medical specialists or allied health care providers.

Solution: Equinoxe Virtual Clinic powered by Medeo
Developer: QHR Technologies Inc.