Mel P

Lantzville, BC – As a family physician, from the time of my retirement five years ago, my 30 year fascination with Medical Informatics led me to total immersion in the electronic health scene in British Columbia.  Initially a peer mentor with PITO, I now co-chair the Clinical Advisory Group to PITO, and as such am involved in a variety of eHealth projects sponsored by PITO.  Upon retirement, I had also become a member of the Clinical Oversight Committee for eHealth in BC (Ministry of Health).  A short time later, the untimely death of the Chair of this committee catapulted me into the Chair position, a post I continue to hold.  And finally, I was recruited by Canada Health Infoway to become a member of the Standards Collaborative and serve as a clinical representative on their clinical subcommittee, and assist in the promotion of the adoption of Standards in clinical practice.   Therefore, for the past five wonderful years I have been centrally engaged in the evolution of eHealth in BC, from assisting physicians to implement EMRs to convincing health ministers to change legislation regarding information sharing.  It is a continuous battle to ensure that clinical value remains the key element in the development of eHealth programs costing millions!  Convincing clinicians to use Standards in their record keeping to enhance quality of care of their patients remains an interesting challenge.   I can honestly say that I have yet to experience a boring day in my career.