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Michelle R

Brampton, ON – Public Investments in digital health have had a huge impact on me professionally. Technological advancements such as EMR systems, escheduling portals, and telehealth are the foundation of my career. My role as a Health Quality Innovation Collaborative Support Specialist is to reach out to family physicians and health care professionals and share with them a new online portal that has been developed. The HQIC Portal allows family physicians to view data that has been extracted from their EMR system though charts, tables and graphs anywhere, anytime. This program prevents patients from falling through any cracks and allows for patients who are high risk to be noticed and monitored. This form of digital health has given me the opportunity to meet with a variety of health care professionals that I would not have normally been able to interact with and explore depths of health care that I once thought were unimaginable. Along with the professional portal is a patient portal. This also intertwines with the EMR system and allows patients to view their own lab results from home, contact staff and physicians, book their own appointments and stay informed. I speak with patients regularly and am happy to hear that the online portal has made their health care experience more enjoyable. My career which focuses on the evolution of digital health has helped me embrace technology on another level in the health care industry.