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miDASH: e-Requests for Prescription Renewal or Refill

Wise Elephant Family Health Team works together to provide comprehensive care to patients. They are looking at new ways to be cutting edge while providing the best care possible for their patients. By adopting an innovative patient health portal, the team was able to create a safe and more effective environment for those who matter most – their patients.

The solution allows patients to conveniently request prescription refills and renewals online from the comfort of their home. Since many of Wise Elephant’s patients are families or young people who often cannot easily take time off work, they recognized the need for a more convenient and speedy process. This method ensures prescriptions are filled on time without picking up the phone or waiting at the pharmacy while the prescription is filled. Also, health care providers are given an up-to-date list of their patients’ current and past prescriptions to improve the safety and well-being of their patients. As a result of implementing this solution, Wise Elephant has experienced fewer phone calls requesting renewals as well as shorter wait times at their practice.

Solution: miDASH
Developer: Health Quality Innovation Collaborative