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miDASH: e-Visits

The Wise Elephant Family Health Team aims to provide quality health care to their patients.  The practice serves a large population in Brampton and their patients include families, new Canadians, and younger individuals. To help serve their patients better, the team felt that offering e-visits was an important service to incorporate into their practice.

The team uses an innovative patient health portal that allows patients to have more control of their health care from the comfort of their own home. The portal provides the option for an e-visit: a safe and secure communication between a healthcare provider and their patients. This provides more convenience  for the patients and has significantly reduced in-office visits and phone volume, allowing the practice to achieve their overall goal of providing quality health care to their patients. Dr. Sanjeev Goel recalls how this helped one patient in particular. The patient had sent a message asking for resources to help manage his diabetes, so the doctor connected the patient with a diabetes management group. Without e-visits, the patient would need to take time off work or school to physically go to the office; e-visits saved both the patient and doctor time.

Solution: miDASH
Developer: Health Quality Innovation Collaborative