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miDASH: e-Reports of Services

For Wise Elephant Family Health Team, a medical practice based in Brampton, Ontario, the main priority is the well-being of their patients. With this in mind the practice has adopted a solution that allows them to generate electronic reports of the services they provide their patients.

e-Reports of Services is a useful and essential tool for the team. The reports contain information about the care a patient received, and is sent and received electronically between health care providers on the patient’s care team. This tool improves communication between each health care professional that interacts with the patient, and ultimately allows for faster and more effective health care.

Dr. Sanjeev Goel explains the benefit of the e-reports system by using the example of a patient with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease who has a new health issue that they visit the clinic for. After the visit, an e-report will be automatically sent to the other relevant clinicians providing care. This keeps all parties involved and notified of any health issues, providing better quality of health care while also broadening the number of people who can care for the patient.

Solution: miDASH
Developer: Health Quality Innovation Collaboration