Mike A.

Notre-Dame-de-l’Ile-Perrot, QC – One thing that happens often after a visit to a caregiver (be it for myself or my family) is the amount of information can be overwhelming (especially considering a diagnosis). Even though my wife and I are there, we’ll capture different pieces of information. Regardless, a lot fades after a while. Now, however, I’ve taken to capturing everything said during my visits (such as diagnosis, biometrics, prescriptions) along with any paperwork (results) and keeping them in an Electronic Health Record.  In this fashion, I can return to the visit and review the information, comparing it with previous records, and confirm I’m on a valid path.  I can do this at any time, from anywhere.  Previously, any paperwork was filed in my office at home and I had to trust to whatever memories I retained from a visit.  Having an online EHR has definitely made me feel more ‘in control’ of my (and my family’s) health.