Mount Sinai Medication Reconciliation Team


The Mount Sinai team was inspired to join the Outcomes Challenge for one very simple reason: they wanted to share their incredible results with others across the nation. According to team leader Olga Livshits, their medication reconciliation solution has helped the units currently using the solution more than double the number of patients whose medications are reconciled at discharge within a very short period of time.

The solution works by offering printed patient instructions that clearly outline and subdivide “home” medications that were changed or discontinued, those that stayed the same and the new medications that were added in hospital. “The electronic tool allows physicians to reconcile home, hospital, and discharge medications .The tool also allows physicians to create printable prescriptions to give to patients, and helps nurses to walk through the post-discharge medication plan with patients and their families.

The team is delighted with the success of the solution to date, with plans for wider adoption in the near future.

Solution: MSH Discharge Summary v.2.5
Developer: Mount Sinai Hospital