User-friendly and intuitive, the MyOSCAR team’s e-scheduling tool is what busy patients and health care providers require in today’s hectic world, says team leader Madeline Barber Dal Molin. It allows patients to make appointment requests or cancel appointments at any time of day in a highly secure setting.

The project, an initiative of McMaster’s Department of Family Medicine, was developed by a team of technological and business development members, as well as clinicians and currently connects with two medical clinics. In addition to allowing patients to book or cancel appointments from anywhere they have an internet connection and a computer or mobile device, it also lets clinics manage many options in order to customize the solution to their own needs. For example, a clinic can choose not to release all available timeslots to e-scheduling patients, selecting which timeslots are visible online.

Along with the MyOSCAR team, Madeline says the driving force behind this solution is their determination “to make patient-centred health a reality.” In fact, in her own words she calls this solution very matter-of-factly: “your connection to health.”

Solution: MyOSCAR v2
Developer: OSCAR McMaster