MyOSCAR Patient Access to Health Information Team

The MyOSCAR team believes patients only truly benefit from technology when they have the ability to manage how their health is controlled. Thus, their Patient Access to Health Information solution “empowers” patients by allowing them to customize and manage their health information.

Using MyOSCAR, patients can upload and share medical documents with their providers, send secure messages, keep track of important health information regarding medications, test results, allergies, past operations and more. For health care providers, this innovation ensures increased cooperation between sometimes fragmented services (clinics, specialists, pharmacists, hospitals).

This project, an initiative of McMaster’s Department of Family Medicine, was developed by a team of technological and business development members, as well as clinicians. As part of their strong vision and innovation, they hope to see MyOSCAR become a “positive, game changing solution.”

Solution: MyOSCAR 2.0
Developer: OSCAR McMaster