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Nicole M.

Toronto, ON – Nearly 8 weeks ago I had to pull out of what was to be my 7th marathon about 26km into it. I didn’t know exactly what was wrong but the pain in my left leg and particularly that knee, was enough for me to know that I needed to stop. By that night it had swelled up and by the next day I was limping badly.

My first stop was a walk in clinic to see a doctor but I also made an appointment with my sports specific chiropractor. Her professional experience and treatment methods are top notch but she also truly goes above and beyond when it comes to ongoing care. She’s made herself available to me between appointments using not only email but even Twitter! We’ve exchanged several private direct messages when I have quick questions about my rehab activities…not to mention many a smile inducing public tweet about her amazing bright kinesio tape jobs!

The clinic she works out of is also multi-functional and has done an amazing job implementing modern technology to document all visits/patient info, share information amongst clinic practitioners and submit lab/imaging requisitions electronically.

All of this has greatly improved my healthcare experience. Dealing with a sports injury can be very demoralizing but the efficiency of how the clinic operates and more importantly the unequalled care provided by my amazing chiropractor are not only helping to keep my recovery on track but also helping to keep my outlook positive!