North York General Hospital Med Rec


Effective medication reconciliation has been shown to substantially reduce the potential of adverse drug events in hospitals. Yet despite the benefits, many hospitals in Canada have had trouble consistently adopting this process. North York General Hospital (NYGH) met this challenge head-on, with their electronic medication reconciliation solution. The solution was implemented as part of eCare, a hospital-wide project to improve patient safety and quality of care through the use of technology.

According to team leader Thomas Chan, clinicians at the hospital have embraced the solution because it makes it easier and faster for them to do their work, while improving the quality and safety of care. For example, the system automatically generates a patient-focussed summary that outlines which new medications a patient should start, and which home medications should be continued or stopped, as well as generating a printout of any new prescriptions. Both these pieces are given to the patient at the time of discharge, and serve as complementary tools for discharge counselling provided by pharmacists.

Solution: PowerChart 2007.19
Developer: Cerner