NYGH Path Lab


When caring for patients with cancer, making sure the care team has the most complete and accurate clinical information as quickly as possible makes a big difference in providing better care and better outcomes for patients. That’s why North York General Hospital has adopted an electronic standardized synoptic reporting template. The hospital’s solution uses customized checklists based on Cancer Care Ontario and the College of American Pathologists’ cancer checklist standards, helping to ensure that all required data fields are completed. The solution not only saves time for the pathologists completing the reports, but also enables the care team to find the information they need to provide patients with the best possible care.

But this tool doesn’t just benefit staff and patients at NYGH – This information from each report is extracted and transmitted to Cancer Care Ontario, where it is used to develop and implement quality improvements and standards, which in turn help health care providers and patients make better-informed treatment decisions.

Solution: mTuitive xPert
Developer: MTuitive