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Olga K.

Vancouver, BC – I had my first operation to remove the benign tumour in 2000 in Halifax.  For 5 years after my first surgery, I had a MRI every year and I was told by doctors that “ that a large proportion of the tumor was removed”  and it was no changes.

Only in 2005 second neurosurgeon  told me that I required a second operation. He told me that my first neurosurgeon was at the beginning of his career when he performed my operation and was not able to remove my tumor. As a result of all of these hidings of the truth I became quadriplegic.

All the doctors that I asked in Halifax have refused to explain anything to me. They refuse to answer my questions, and to show and explain MRI reports. I had no choice but to leave the province.

Only in Vancouver I was able to receive my medical records and MRI reports.

I was shocked to learn that my post operation MRI report from my first operation stated that “the majority of the enhancing tissue remains”.  For 5 years not a single doctor ever told the truth about my MRI reports and my operations. Only the patients electronic access to their  MRI reports and other tests results can prevent this from happening. Right now patients experience very low access to their information.