Patricia M


Gander, NL – I began my career in technology as a Programmer/Analyst for a large oil and gas company in Calgary.  Although I worked for an excellent company with a great team of people, I felt drawn to the public sector; I was searching for more meaning in my career.  That gnawing feeling led me down a different path – Nursing!  I knew that healthcare was slower to adapt new technologies than other industries, and there would be opportunities to combine both my IT and Nursing knowledge.   I’ve done bedside surgical nursing, perioperative nursing, and even a stint in Nursing Management, but having a combination of nursing and IT skills has led me to my “dream job” right at home in Newfoundland!  Not many people can say that.  I’m currently the Lead Clinical Information Specialist for Central Health.   Our region spans a large geographical rural area – having electronic records helps clinicians in 14 facilities spread throughout the region collaborate and provide quality, timely care.  I’ve had the opportunity to travel throughout the region to implement various modules of our EHR system.  It’s inspiring to meet fellow clinicians and see how they use digital health records to assist in the delivery of care.  Simply put: the investment in digital health records has given me tremendous professional fulfillment.  As a front line Nurse, having a sick patients’ chart at my fingertips is priceless.  As a Clinical Information Specialist, I love helping fellow clinicians use and improve the system.  I’m right where I belong!