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Paula A

Ottawa, ON – When I began working as the Clinical Telemedicine Program Coordinator at The Ottawa Hospital in June 2012, I became involved with the Champlain LHIN Telemedicine Nursing project.  This project involved an investment of 15 full-time nursing positions to support the growth of telemedicine services in the LHIN, and has definitely kept me on my toes!   The number of patients and providers using telemedicine for care has exploded in this region.  Most hospitals and community health centres have been touched by this investment, and knowledge and awareness of how to bring telemedicine technology into mainstream service delivery is expanding.  In April we hired 3 nurses to work in the telemedicine program at The Ottawa Hospital, and already they can barely keep up with the opportunities to use telemedicine to bring the care to the patient in their home community.    It is extraordinary to be part of a team that is excited to come to work everyday, that feel challenged by their work, and for having the opportunity to be part of a regional and provincial community of healthcare professionals embracing a new way of delivering care.  Patients and their families tell us they love telemedicine!  I am truly grateful for our government’s commitment to investing in technology to make healthcare better for the citizens of Ontario, and for creating exciting and challenging employment for so many talented individuals.