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Pearl Z.

Prince Albert, SK – I am a senior who values healthy living. I love to walk and I also walk to control my blood pressure. I make a point of taking my medications and eating the right foods.  For the past five years I’ve had more difficulty walking.  Sometimes in the morning my legs are so stiff I can hardly walk and occasionally part way through my walk, I feel like my legs cannot go another step, they are have pain and are tired.  I first mentioned this to my doctor four years ago and at that time I was sent for a manual Ankle Brachial Index (ABI) test, which did not show anything significant, yet my symptoms persisted.  In July of this year I had my ABI retested using a new Summit Doppler ABI machine with a touch screen that provides a digital interpretation of my peripheral arterial circulation, and the results can be directly transmitted to my electronic medical record for the doctor’s intervention.  I was the first patient to have the opportunity to be tested using the new ABI machine in our city.  Subsequently, I received a letter from my doctor with a referral to a vascular surgeon in August of this year.  I believe that this digital device gave my doctor the precise information she needed to make the specific referral I needed. I hope this device will be used to benefit more people like me, to save our feet.