Philip v

Edmonton, AB – I am a business systems analyst and for the last seven years I have worked as a consultant for Alberta Health. In that short span my work focus has shifted from traditional client server / mainframes service support to web based services development and support. This transition has been primarily due to the evolving inter-operability between systems. Where my primary role used to be support for data analysis and reporting, I now focus on provisioning 24/7 access to electronic medical records. This is an exciting time to be involved in electronic health solutions development because we are truly creating a holistic electronic health record that is accessible to service providers, practitioners and patients. I find that discussions in planning meetings are now encompassing the real world of patient care and personal health record access rather than data management. We are now working towards giving practitioners the ability to capture a complete patient medical history summary so that they have a better knowledge of the individual’s true state of wellness. I intend to make this endeavour the subject of my MBA thesis.