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Philip von S.

Edmonton, AB – Twice in the last decade we have found ourselves without a family doctor, once due to retirement and once due to our doctor moving to a different region. Finding an available doctor in our area is not an easy task; however, when our last family doctor moved away, we found our search was made much easier by electronic resources. We started our search via an Alberta Health portal for doctors accepting new patients located within a twenty minute commute form our home. We qualified the search to female doctors as my wife feels more comfortable with her own gender. We were able to narrow down our search to three potential good fits in just a couple of hours. That allowed us enough time to contact each of the health centers we had shortlisted to get a feel for the environment. This made our decision making much easier than it would have been just a few years ago.

During our first appointments, our new doctor was easily able to access our medical histories which saved time on both for her and us thereby allowing us to concentrate on our current states of well being rather than catching on our diagnostic and treatment histories. This latest transition has been quite easy for us and we are very pleased with the result.