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Reshman P.

How does digital health support patients/caregivers to become more active participants in their health care?

One of the ways in which digital health supports patients and caregivers in becoming active participants in their health care is by providing access to their health records through programs such as MyChart. Providing patients with access to their health records allows them to review their records, ask questions and provide feedback on medications and treatments etc.

Share an experience where digital health had an impact, or could have had an impact, on you as a patient, caregiver or family member.

Digital health could have had an impact on me as a patient if my treatment records were shared or I could share my health records among my care providers. For example, I have had x-rays, ultrasounds, MRI completed by my family doctor however when I was referred to a specialist some of these tests were completed again because that specialist did not have access to results of the tests completed by my family doctor.

The theme of the 2016 Infoway Partnership Conference is “A Conversation About Digital Health”. How do you believe you can contribute to the conversation?

I believe that I can contribute to the conversation in two ways:

  • I can share my experiences with digital health or a lack of digital health usage in my care and how it could have been if digital health was used or used more efficiently
  • I can share my experiences and insights with implementing digital health solutions across various types of healthcare organizations

How will you apply and share what you learn from Digital Health Week and the 2016 Infoway Partnership Conference?

I can apply and share what I learnt from Digital Health Week in the following ways:

  • Hearing the patient perspectives shared during the conference will enable me to improve my daily work as a Project Manager in the health care system
  • I can share what I have learnt at the conference with my Health Informatics students, I believe this will enrich their careers as future informatics professionals
  • I can apply what I have learnt at the conference to my PhD research in this area