Robert F

Toronto, ON – As a Registered Nurse healthcare investment in technology has dramatically changed the way that I work in clinical role and in how I see the healthcare system, and as an emerging leader technology is helping me to share knowledge and collaborate with others. When working clinically the improvements in the use of technology allow me to easily read physician orders, look up medication considerations and easily sign off when they are administered. This prevents errors and makes my role safer. We are also seeing more devices (e.g. blood pressure cuffs, glucometers) that automatically upload that information into the patient chart. Previously we might be writing those numbers in multiple places. On the larger scale public reporting and sharing of data makes it easier to understand how our healthcare system is performing overall. Being able to see infectious disease outbreaks and patient outcomes makes it easier to discuss how we can do better.  In my opinion we need to continue to invest in technology in healthcare. Taking pragmatic steps to ensure we continue to improve the way that we work and collaborate with other providers, patients, and caregivers. Technology may not solve every problem, however, it can help us overcome our limitations, enhance the way that we deliver care, and enable us to provide patients with better results.