Rouge Valley Health System Pathology


Team leader Debra McLeod has seen many changes in her years at Rouge Valley Health System. One relatively recent change that has improved patient care was the implementation of a standardized synoptic reporting solution. The tool, which pathologists use to augment the diagnosis section of their reports, ensures all relevant information is available to the physicians in a concise, standard format, allowing them to provide patients with the most appropriate treatment in a timely manner.

Not only has this standardized solution improved the quality and completeness of pathology reports, but it has also led to significant savings, both in terms of time and cost. Physicians spend less time following up with pathologists to clarify or ask for more information; pathologists save time responding to such inquiries; and transcribers can turn around reports more quickly, as there is less typing required. But the most important benefit of the solution is improved patient outcomes.

Solution: mTuitive Synoptic Surgical Pathology
Developer: mTuitive