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Sandra C

Halifax, NS – I have worked in many different industries – ranging from broadcasting to telecommunications. Although, I have enjoyed working in these industries – there is nothing like the feeling of satisfaction and pride that working in health care evokes for me as an IT/IM professional. The last 10 years of investment in digital health has been significant and has transformed health IT into the ‘it’ place to be for many professionals.  There are numerous stories that evoke in me a tremendous sense of pride. There have been many occasions when someone was explaining about their recent surgery and they were so impressed with the “x-rays” that the surgeon shared with them – you say to yourself – ‘Yup that’s the PACS system we put in!’ Or more recently a patient using a Personal Health Record commented ‘Before the PHR … I felt like a body in a bed – I have taken back responsibility for my health with the PHR”. It is comments like these and projects like the PHR, PACS, EMR, EHR and many more that create a sense of excitement about the contributions we as IT/IM professionals can and are making to health and wellness of individuals.  It is very fulfilling to either experience directly or hear stories from family and friends about their experiences and know that the work that I/we do directly supports better care!  All IT/IM professionals should be proud of the role they play in digital health supporting patient care – I know I am!