Sara N.


Morewood, ON – Information technology as it relates to our health as Canadians has changed for the better in the past number of years.  My first experience with our health care system moving into the 21st Century was with the introduction of Telehealth Ontario which is an amazing tool for Ontario residents’ allowing access to nurses when they are needed, instead of flooding hospital emergency rooms.  I first used Telehealth in 2005 when my son was an infant and hit his head on the edge of his change table.  The nurses at Telehealth told me what to do and to only go to the local children’s hospital if certain symptoms appeared.  My son is now 7 and in 2011 he was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes at Age 5.  Our hospital, CHEO, is great with e-mail communication in regard to his care. My son has recently started on insulin pump therapy and the nurses are always available to discuss changes to his pump via e-mail which is very beneficial. Allowing changes to his care to be done through electronic means saves a lot of phone tag, hospital visits, and not to mention a lot of headaches.  This sort of communication allows for less stress for an already stressful disease.  I can only imagine what benefits we will see as technology continues to grow and be utilized by our health care providers.