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Sarah B

Winnipeg, MB – I am a Clinical Nurse Specialist with the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority (WRHA) Palliative Care Program and the Canadian Virtual Hospice (CVH) website. In this role I provide clinical consultation to patients and families in hospitals, nursing homes, and in their homes on a variety of clinical issues (pain and symptom management, complex psychosocial issues). My work with the CVH website is equally challenging and rewarding as I am constantly learning about palliative care resources and services from across Canada. This non-profit website provides end-of-life care, grief and bereavement information to patients, families and health care professionals. A unique aspect of the CVH website is the ‘Ask a Professional’ section. Patients, families/caregivers, and/or health care professionals can submit a confidential question to our interdisciplinary team of palliative care experts. I research and respond to questions, either independently or in collaboration with specific team members depending on the expertise required to offer the ‘best possible’ answer. Many questions submitted by health care providers require an extensive search into the latest in palliative care research which keeps me up-to-date in current palliative care practices.  One of the benefits of working in the virtual realm is how easily the information gleaned from providing responses on the website is utilized in clinical practice and the overall positive impact on communication with patients and families. Working with the CVH website is continually updating my palliative care knowledge, providing me with networking opportunities from experts across Canada, and enhancing my leadership skills in my clinical practice.