Sarah H.

Georgetown, ON – Living in a new city hours from my family, friends and lifelong family doctor, learning I was pregnant 3 years ago was a scary ordeal. Without the familiar people and resources from my hometown, I worried constantly about the processes I’d have to face and lengths I’d have to go to get my medical care in order. I was truly lost. I found a wonderful doctor through an online database, complete with photos and reviews and upon my first visit, I was given connections to free online resources, 24/7 telehealth nurses and had all my medical records transferred on the spot. My doctor was not only warm and helpful to me in person, but having all of this other peace-of-mind provided was a godsend. No matter where I was or what time of day it was, I felt cared for and at ease if I had questions or if any issues arose and because of those advances in health informational technology, I didn’t feel scared or alone at all. My son is now a happy, healthy 3 year old and I still use many of those resources to this day, as well as pass them on to others who I see may be lost or nervous. I feel blessed to live in this day and age and I owe alot to the healthcare providers who put themselves out there in more than just the traditional way! :)