Saskatchewan Population Health and Evaluation Research Unit – kidSKAN

The Saskatoon Health Region is the largest health region in the province and is responsible for delivering public health services including home care, prenatal and palliative care. For this initiative, Saskatoon Health Region worked jointly with the Saskatchewan Population Health and Evaluation Research Unit (SPHERU), a bi-university health research unit based at the University of Regina and University of Saskatchewan.

Together with the Saskatoon Health Region, SPHERU launched the Saskatchewan Knowledge to Action Network for Early Childhood Development (kidSKAN) to help community members understand the needs of young children and how to develop programs and services to meet these needs.

The kidSKAN initiative used Facebook and Twitter to connect with the early childhood development (ECD) professional community to discuss ECD and drive awareness of the resources available on their website.  In addition to social media, an online newsletter was produced to further reach to their target audience.