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Saverio C

Toronto, ON – Ontario has made many public investments in digital healthcare such as the diabetes registry and electronic medical records.  These digital healthcare initiatives have greatly impacted my career and I would not be where I am today without them. In 2008 I was the project manager responsible for selecting and deploying Electronic Medical Records (EMR) within a private healthcare organization.  The EMR vendor the organization selected was a funding eligible offering from OntarioMD.  The selected EMR vendor was found to have many issues associated to it, such as a lack of support, functionality and accountability from the EMR vendor.  These inadequacies caused me to realize that I wanted to pursue a career where I would be able to directly impact the adoption of EMRs in Ontario and improve the patient’s continuum of care.  In 2009 was accepted to the University of Toronto’s MHSc – Health Administration program.  This program allowed me to increase my capacity in healthcare management, leadership, eHealth and policy development.  While at U of T I was award the G.B. Rosenfeld Poster Award for best poster.  Without the public investment in digital healthcare in academia I may not have been able to fulfill my career objectives of leading and impacting change in digital healthcare.    My experiences, education and achievements in digital healthcare opened the door for me to pursue a career in OntarioMD, which provides public funding to clinicians that adopt funding eligible EMRs.  I have the opportunity to witness firsthand the impact of public investments in digital healthcare.