ImagineNation Lightbulb

Sheena H.

Toronto, ON – -Health impacts so many aspects of our lives.

-With electronic records, our society continues to thrive.

-As my parents age, along with the Canadian population,

-Being able to easily access medical information is a cause for elation.

-Seniors often suffer from a number of ailments.

-Visiting numerous medical professionals can be a source of derailment.

-With age, health tends to decline.

-As my parents have told me, it is essential that medical info aligns.

-Being able to view, update and share information

-Certainly provides for better care as a nation.

-A person’s medical history is vital in making patient decisions.

-Better communication amongst clinicians is what IT has envisioned.

-As a traditionalist, I look to the future with hope,

-That those in the medical field will help my dear aging parents better cope.

-With the reality of a medical system that is constantly being taxed,

-Electronic records can make us all more relaxed!