Sudbury District Health Unit – Childhood Immunization

The Sudbury District Health Unit (SDHU) works locally with individuals, families, the community and partner agencies to promote and protect health and to prevent disease.

With the understanding that many diseases can be prevented with immunization, the Sudbury District Health Unit created the childhood immunization campaign “Clean Up Your Act – Protect Your Kids!” to promote awareness, exposure and change of thinking among parents. With childhood immunization being a highly controversial subject for many parents, SDHU used the opportunity to create a high-definition video message as a tool to spread their message via social media as well as traditional media in hopes of creating an understanding of the importance of immunizations.  The PSA used a metaphoric imagery to express their message about childhood immunization in a cute, catchy way. Prior to the Challenge, SDHU was fairly new to social media, posing a concern that they would not garner a large audience for their PSA using social platforms. However, the campaign succeeded on social media with local, national and even global views!

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