Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre

For Sunnybrook, innovation means leveraging technology to improve the way we deliver health care services and to transform the way patient’s access health information. It is the goal of the MyChart Program to support patient-centred eHealth approaches for future sustainability of the healthcare system. Sunnybrook’s MyChart solution supports patient and family requirements for a more convenient and easy model to access information for personal health management and continuity of care.

Site leader Sarina Cheng and team leader Kevin Chung have found through Sunnybrook’s MyChart solution that the biggest myths about patient access to health information are that only younger patients will want to use the Internet to access their information, and that patients become more anxious with information being online. Rather, MyChart users range from teenagers to elderly patients in their 90s. Experience also tells us patients are no more anxious with accessing their information online versus viewing paper copies of their record.

Sunnybrook is participating in the Outcomes Challenge as supporters and leaders of eHealth innovation, and to advocate for improved access to information to better support decision-making throughout the continuum of care.

Solution: MyChart™ 2.0
Developer: Sunnybrook