Synoptic Reporting Manitoba

When caring for cancer patients, having quick and easy access to the latest medical knowledge and guidelines means better patient outcomes. But for busy surgeons, finding the right information when they need it can be a challenge – that’s why Synoptic Reporting Manitoba built links to established guidelines right into their synoptic reporting templates for cancer surgery and pathology.

In addition to providing clinicians with the latest medical knowledge at their fingertips, the standardized templates also help to improve communication between members of the care team, including surgeons, oncologists and pathologists. Each template guides users through capturing and reporting critical data on procedures using drop-down menus, lists and calculators, as well as providing functionality to enter text for more complex cases. As a result, surgeons’ notes are completed more thoroughly, accurately and quickly – which helps both patients and the care team.

Solution: Synoptic Operative Reporting v1.0
Developer: WebSMR/GE Centricity