TEGH Clinical Synoptic Reporting

In the world of patient care, knowledge is key. To help ensure patients are getting the information they need, clinicians look to their colleagues in pathology to provide easy-to-read reports that are complete and accurate. This is why Toronto East General Hospital (TEGH) has adopted a clinical synoptic reporting solution that allows for the clear and concise presentation of pathology information through standardized checklists using consistent terminology.

In addition to ensuring that pathology information is captured in a consistent manner, the TEGH solution also helps pathologists to ensure that all required information is included in their reports. If a crucial piece of information is missing, a prompt will remind the user to fill it in before proceeding with the next step of the report.

According to team leader Susan Hodgins, the benefits of TEGH’s synoptic reporting tool go beyond ensuring that pathology reports are complete and concise – the hospital has significantly reduced transcriptions costs, and also has a valuable new source of research data.

Solution: mTuitive xPert Client
Developer: mTuitive Software