TEGH Medication Reconciliation


Toronto East General Hospital (TEGH) team leader Jessica Ma credits information technology with allowing the hospital to shape its practice to suit the ever-changing needs of its patients and the community that they serve – especially in the area of medication reconciliation.

Since rolling out their electronic medication reconciliation module in December 2010, pharmacists at TEGH can electronically document a best possible medication history (BPMH), document discrepancies and recommendations, and order any clinically reasonable pre-admission medications through an advanced medical directive, all using the module. At discharge, the system can also be used to generate electronic prescriptions and reconcile those medications into the BPMH.

Once complete, the information can been seen across every visit, each time the patients comes to the hospital, by all clinicians in a patient’s circle of care, ensuring information is communicated consistently and is accessible throughout all interfaces of care.

At TEGH one of our success factors is inspiring innovation and participation in the Outcomes Challenge is one mechanism that enables this process. Our priorities at TEGH include creating conditions for innovation across the organization to promote a culture open to change and improvement.

The biggest benefit of TEGH’s medication reconciliation process is its impact on preventing medication errors at patient transition points, thereby enhancing patient care, safety, and overall hospital performance.

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Developer: Cerner