The Scarborough Hospital

Shelley McKinney, leader of the Scarborough Hospital’s Medication Reconciliation Challenge team, firmly believes that patients, caregivers and all members of the health care team should know what medications the patient is on at all times. Medication management is a dynamic process as patient medications are adjusted according to health status which often changes throughout the continuum of care. Despite the challenges in implementing medication reconciliation hospital-wide, the team at Scarborough Hospital is currently completing admission medication history forms for 90 per cent of patients, with 85 percent prescriber sign-off. The secret to the team’s success? An interprofessional approach, with all members of the health care team taking ownership of the medication reconciliation process.

While the team continues to complete the best possible medication history using a paper process, the information is subsequently entered into an electronic pharmacy module. This is used for medication reconciliation at other transitions of care. As the team refines their process, they plan to continue to increase the use of electronic processes.

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