Toronto Public Health – Savvy Diner Campaign

A supportive environment helps people makes healthier lifestyle choices, which can help decrease the risk of many diseases, better manage stress and increase energy. Toronto Public Health (TPH) aims to promote healthy food environments in the community and provide information to help the residents of Toronto make healthier choices.

Through the Savvy Diner Campaign, TPH endorsed provincial legislation that requires larger chain restaurants to make menu labelling available. TPH used social media to highlight consumers’ rights to know about calories and sodium in the food they consume.

TPH used traditional marketing tactics along with social media to drive awareness for their initiative. Specifically, TPH created a Savvy Diner Facebook page and used the TPH Twitter handle with dedicated #SavvyDiner hashtag to deliver messaging, share photos and drive traffic to the Savvy Diner website.  They also produced an entertaining video for the TPH YouTube channel.