UBC Student Health Service – Patient Access to Health Information


Sharing ownership of health information with their patients is important to the UBC Student Health Services team as it is ensuring patients and healthcare providers are equal partners. That’s why the team has implemented myHealth, a tool that gives patients access to various health documents including lab reports, diagnostic reports, prescription lists and health care plans and other important health information on their smartphone or computer.

In addition to empowering patients by giving them access to their own information, the solution also saves time both for patients and clinicians. For example, instead of coming in for a follow-up appointment to learn their lab results that do not require further follow up, patients can view them online at their convenience. This reduces the number of unnecessary appointments, allowing the clinicians to serve more patients.

According to team leader Kathy Brand, students had never been served in this way, and they are delighted with the amount s and types of information to which they have access. Once they have used it, they are hooked!

Solution: JonokeMed Version 5.1.2
Developer: Jonoke Software Development Inc.